Keep on struggling

My name is Peter and I am a tumblr addict.
So a little bit about myself: beside the fact i am currently a student at Oregon State University and I am a microbiology student. I dont know what else to tell. i am 20 turning 21 really soon.
I love variety of earth stuff : from cute kitties, awesome comics, picture, cute guys, hilarious conversation, pokemon, digimon, you named it, I reblog it. This is always my outlet of life so I will also be posting rants from time to time :)

i like to read books and watch movies.

And I LOVE to make friends.

So lets all be friends for a better world.
Just shoot me a question and i will answer them.


Keep on struggling

So my new #doctorwho poster came in. #davidtennant #tenthdoctor #poster #new #damn #allons-y #keepcalm (Taken with Instagram)